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Thursday, June 01, 2006


The ultimate condition of production is therefore the reproduction of the conditions of production. The matinance of the cycle. The matrix. The sleep.

We live in a society where consumption drives our thoughs, activities, and value structures. We focus on using more and getting more. Capitalist ideologies drive our economy. Even a temporary view of other cultures in other countries could create a shift in the tides of materialism. Why do our daily television news progams continue to focus on local issues? We are preconditioned to believe what the media says. We are preconditioned to consume what the media says. We study in schools to become part of a system that perpetuates the production of more than we need. Justification - the success of our economy. As someone who majored in economics and holds an MBA, my perspective on Louis Althusser may not be very different from the average educator. Why? Because we are both groomed to support and maintain the system that Althusser would say is ensuring the "subjection to ruling ideology". As participants we support the reproduction of this process. We fail to challenge these values because most of us have never experienced anything else. We are sleep in a system that perpetuates our own oppression.

Awaken the sleep. - We perpetuate the system because we are sleep. The "capitalist education system and by other instances and institutions" according to Althusser. This keeps us in a state of unconsciousness. Of couse we can see. Nevertheless, we are still blind.

So how do we awaken the sleep? Move beyond the boundaries of our society. Travel to places where ancient cultures have been maintained. Explore lands untouched by unethical superstructure. Experiencing a new value structure may challenge you to view yourself in a new way.


Blogger Lesley said...

I actually think that Althusser would disagree. If we are always already subjects of ideology, intepellated as it were, then travel anywhere (to Maine, or Africa) would not interrupt that cycle. There is no waking from this sleep. The framework of ideology he presents here is about reproduction -- do I here Roberto calling, where is the agency here?

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